Thursday, November 29, 2012

Which would you choose, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the Google Nexus 4?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the smartphone-tablet hybrid from Samsung Group, which was launched in September, is said reached the impressive 5 million sales in 2 months, The Korean technology giant said in a statement (Google Translate) on November 26. Although the Note 2's sales are far behind that sells of the Galaxy S3, which Samsung sold 20 million of its flagship smartphone in the first 100 days after its launch, but it indicate that the high-end smartphone with top-of-the-line features is in great demand. Can it outsell the LG Nexus 4 which offers better operating system, price tag and often sold out in a short time?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Nexus 4

Today, we take a look at the Nexus 4 versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in terms of features, price and more to help you decide which one to buy.

Addition: One of the unique features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the device’s S-Pen, a stylus that benefits from some unique software that Samsung has included on the Galaxy Note 2. With the new S-Pen, Some of those applications include Air View which allows users to hover over things like e-mail, calendar or an image to get a preview of the content before actually having to open it, a feature called Easy Clip which lets users crop content on screen including images to save for later use, and finally, the ability to use the S-Pen to draw out Quick Commands for tasks like email. So you will feel so convenient to use the phone even it has a large screen.

So which phone do you like more?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best 5 Christmas Apps for Android for Christmas 2012

Several days ago, I have introduced Best 5 Christmas Live Wallpaper Apps for Android, and today I will continue to introduce best 5 Christmas Apps for Android in 2012 special for you. If you're looking for some simple, fun apps of Christmas this holiday season, you've come to the right place. These list apps will put you in the Christmas spirit and give you a few ideas for activities, gifts for your demand.
These 5 Best Christmas Free Apps for Android in 2012 cover everything from holiday music to greeting cards, like Apps of RingTones, Santa, Wallpaper, Countdown and others.

Christmas Live Wallpaper Lite
Christmas Live Wallpaper Lite
As the winter night of Christmas Eve is approaching us with every passing moment, what is better than having a live wallpaper installed on your phone that continuously reminds you of the time left for the Christmas.

This 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper has a Christmas Scene with a Christmas Countdown in a snowfall of lights. You can see a Christmas tree with lights and an awesome flashing lights program (only in full)!

Christmas Ringtones
Christmas Ringtones
This app features 45 high qualities and popular Christmas ringtones  and sounds.
With this App, you can customize your phone with Christmas spirit and enjoy the Merry Christmas Season on your phone by:
  • set the ringtone to a specific contact
  • set your default ringtone
  • set your alarm sound
  • set your notification (text and email) sound
3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Free
3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Free
"3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Free" is a stunning 3D live wallpaper featuring a sparkling Christmas Tree of Light, plus an exciting Countdown to Christmas and the New Year. Both scenes in the free version can be enjoyed as a live wallpaper background, or as a fully interactive foreground app where you can look around freely, and quickly customise your settings.

Talking Santa Free
Talking Santa Free
Talking Santa is packed with countless hours of holiday fun for the entire family! Speak into your microphone and listen to Santa repeat your special holiday message aloud.

Swipe, poke, or tickle Talking Santa to your hearts content or tap on his famous red Christmas sack to reveal if Talking Santa’s got you on his naughty or nice list!

Be nice to Santa by offering up some milk & cookies, or be naughty by slapping Santa or sending a giant snowball his way!
PLEASE NOTE: When running the app for the first time you will be required to download additional 4-26 MB to get the best graphics quality for your device.

Christmas Frames
Christmas Frames
Creating holiday e-cards with ‘Christmas Frames’ is as simple as ABC:

  1. Choose a template from the huge collection
  2. Select photo(s) from your Gallery or Camera
  3. Add a text of your own and share the result!

It is not a new app, but find out that is still consider as a good apps if you are using to customize some photo for Christmas effect. Try it ~

More Apps will update here once I find more better Christmas App. Hope you get a little extra Christmas joy from these apps.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to play YouTube videos directly in VLC Media Player

Well there is no doubt that YouTube is the best place to find any kind of videos you want. Many of us like to download the videos in order to enjoy on mobile device, while others like watching them directly online by going to YouTube website. But have you tried to play YouTube videos in VLC Media Player, the world’s favorite video player that supports nearly every video format? How to do that?

YouTube videos in VLC

In fact VLC Player can also play YouTube videos on your desktop without requiring the web browser or the Adobe Flash player and there are lots of benefits to watching YouTube videos in VLC.

The Benefits of Watching YouTube Videos with VLC
  • First, You can skip any ads that might play before videos without needing to use a browser extension.
  • Second, You can change the playback speed of videos, make it run slower or faster than the normal speed, which can help if you're trying to learn something new, like a dance.
  • Third, You can watch the video in a smaller window while still doing other things on your computer. And finally, you can capture snapshots from the video easily through VLC's interface.
So if you are the one who like watch YouTube videos online while doing other things, why not try to play the youtube videos in VLC Player.

Follow the Tutorials to get started:
1. Launched the VLC player, press Ctrl+N to open the Network URL dialog.Or Click the Media menu in VLC, and then choose Open Network Stream.

2. Paste any YouTube video URL in the input box and click Play at the bottom!

Then, that’s all right. Now you can enjoy your favorite videos.

Attention: In addition to YouTube, VLC Player can also play DailyMotion videos outside the browser.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gift guide to full-size tablets for 2012 Christmas

Apart from Smartphone, Tablets are at the top of many wish lists this holiday season. But what to get now becomes a problem. The choice used to be pretty limited, with the iPad dominating in the tablets market. But this year, the field is more even, as tablets from Apple's competitors have matured.  In addition, Google, Amazon and Microsoft now providing us more choice by designed their own tablets, Just like Nexus 7, Surface and Kinder Fire HD.

The first step in buying tablets is to decide on the size of tablets you want to buy. They fall into two rough categories: the full-sized tablet, pioneered by the iPad, and the half-size tablet, epitomized by the Kindle Fire.

Full-sized tablets, which generally have screens measuring about 10 inches on the diagonal, are better for surfing websites designed for PCs, and far better when it comes to displaying magazines and documents. Overall, they go further toward replacing a laptop. They cost $400 and up.

Half-sized tablets, which have screens measuring roughly 7 inches on the diagonal, are cheaper and lighter, but just as good as full-sized tablets for e-book reading. It's an excellent first computing device for a kid, or a gentle nudge into the digital world for an older adult with little computing experience. This year's crop costs $199 and up, but last year's models are available for less.

If you've settled on a large tablet, here are some top choices for you.
  • Apple iPad 4(starts at $499)
iPad 4
Apple’s iPad 4 features a new A6X chip, faster processor than before and the new "Lightning" connection and charging port, replacing the wide port inherited from the iPod. Like the third-generation iPad, it has an ultra-high-resolution "Retina" screen. The model's resolution of 2,048 by 1,536 pixels is only surpassed by the Google Nexus 10. Apple Claim that it’s the best mobile display ever.

While other tablets are starting to approach it in terms of hardware, the iPad still enjoys the best support by far from third parties, both in terms of quality applications and accessories like cases. Now Over 275,000 apps are designed specifically for iPad.

One caveat: the base model of the iPad has only 16 gigabytes of storage, which fills up fast these days. The thoughtful giver goes for at least a 32-gigabyte model, for $100 more.
  • Google Nexus 10 (starts at $399)
Nexus 10
This is Google's first full-size tablet and the only tablet from any manufacturer that beats the screen resolution of the iPad. It boasts 2,560 by 1,600 pixels, a third more than the fourth-generation iPad. With this Tablets,You can enjoy almost all Google Service on it and get the new features of Android 4.2 including NFC (Android Beam), Photo Sphere, Multi-user support and more. Most importantly,It starts only at $399 which is $100 cheaper than iPad 4.
  • Microsoft Surface (starts at $499)
It is Microsoft's first tablet which runs Windows RT, a version of Windows 8 adapted for tablets. It comes with a version of Microsoft's Office suite and the ability to connect to wireless printers and some other peripherals, like USB drives. The covers for it have functional keyboard printed on the inside.

The Surface includes 32GB and 64GB version and The screen resolution is 1,366 by 768 pixels. Not so badly. So If you want to experience the Windows RT or like the office service, you can try this one.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (starts at $499)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
It's the only tablet in our roundup that comes with a "pen" that can be used to write and draw on the screen. You can Draw, write, edit photos and share with the intuitive S Pen.

The Note 10.1 runs Google's Android software, giving it access to a wide array of apps originally written for smartphones. The selection is not on par with the iPad's but better than other alternatives.

But The Note's screen falls into the low-resolution category, sporting 1,280 by 800 pixels, not as well as iPad or the Nook HD+. Like the Nook, the Note 10.1's storage memory can be expanded with cards.
  • Barnes & Noble c (starts at $269)
Barnes & Noble Nook HD+
For a book store, Barnes & Noble makes some amazing tablets. The HD+ is its first model that approaches the iPad in size, with a screen that's 9 inches on the diagonal. That makes it slightly smaller than the iPad, and the resolution is lower as well, but still very respectable. At 1,920 by 1,280 pixels, it can show more detail than a living-room HDTV.

Like the basic iPad, the basic Nook HD+ comes with just 16 gigabytes of storage memory, but it can be expanded with a microSD memory card. That means another 32 gigabytes will cost you just $25 — a good deal.

But the Nook is the least versatile tablet in our roundup. The number of apps available is small, and it's focused on Barnes & Noble content like e-books, magazines and movies. It doesn't have any cameras, while the competitors have two each. It's best for someone who's likely to stick to media consumption, and doesn't need the latest apps and games.
  • Asus Vivo Tab RT (starts at $599 with a dock)
Asus Vivo Tab RT
The tablet part is smaller and thinner than the Surface. Together with the keyboard, it makes for a familiar little setup: a tiny laptop running Windows. Like the Surface, it has a memory card slot and a USB port. The screen resolution is the same.
The Vivo Tab is a good tool for those who want to get some work done on the commute or plane, or those who can't decide if they want a laptop or a tablet.

So, have you got your favorite one ?


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skype 3.0 for Android: It’s better than before, but still needs work

Microsoft-owned Skype has being keeping busy with its mobile apps, with the firm having just released upgrades for both Android and Windows 8.

Skype 3.0

The good: Skype for Android has fantastic audio quality and impressive video call quality. The newest version have a new user interface design for tablets.

The bad: No group video chats. Video quality can sometimes be choppy and pixelated.

The bottom line: If you're an active Skype member, then Skype for Android is absolutely a must-download. If you're not, then it's still great for making one-to-one video calls and even voice calls to landlines and mobile numbers (for a charge).

Here I will check everything about the new Skype 3.0 in details.

The good: New features, Tips
Skype, now owned by Microsoft, has released a large update for its Android App on Tuesday, boasting improved audio quality thanks to Skype’s own SILK codec and impressive video call quality. The new software version also boasting a new user interface design for tablets which makes use of the additional screen estate, and now work better on the larger screens of Android tablets. That is to say, “Now you can share the moment, a photo or a smile on the most popular Android tablets including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the Google Nexus 7, Acer Iconia, Asus Transformer Prime, Motorola Xoom and Sony S,” Skype writes in a blog.

As before, the app also comes with built-in SMS capabilities, instant messaging for chatting with your Skype connections, and file transfers between users. Managing your contacts within the app is easy as Skype integrates with your Android address book.

Skype 3.0 for Android devices also allows users to sign in and merge their Skype account with their Microsoft account.

Try to update the app or just download the app to have a try if you are a new user.The voice calling experience is quite good.

Skype for Android 3.0 is available to download for free from Google Play.For windows phone 8 user, you can download on the Windows phone store. For iPhone user, download the app by on the iTunes App Store.

The bad:
Skype 3.0 is still incapable of group video chats, which is a shame, since the feature is growing in popularity. But you can use the Google+ Hangouts to help you if you like group-video chats.

Google+ Hangouts
With Google+ Hangouts, you can catch up with the whole family -- whether you’re on your computer, phone or tablet device, and you can have free video conferencing for up to 10 people. I guess that Skype's developers are hard at work trying to perfect the feature for their product.

The bottom line:
Skype now has 280 million monthly users, and mobile been a major part of Skype’s growth story in the last few years, so if you're an active Skype member, then Skype for Android is absolutely a must-download. If you want to have a one on one video chat, and your friend list is hosted at Facebook, the new Facebook video chat is perfect for you.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Christmas gift choice in 2012

With thousands of options for smartphone in this holiday season, it seems somehow difficult for us to make a decision which phone to buy. Besides the usual offerings of iPhone and Android devices, a line of smart phones that run on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 is also offering this year. As reported by The Next Web, the Nokia Lumia 920 that runs Windows Phone 8 is sold out on Amazon, a popular online retail store in America. It seems that Nokia is on the way to make a grand comeback with the high-end Lumia 920. While Samsung is betting big on the success of the Galaxy Note 2 phablet to keep its Dominant position. So today I will show you all a full comparison between these two booming devices, in order to help you know better about the difference between Lumia 920 and Galaxy Note 2, so as to make a wise Christmas gift choice.
Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy Note 2: 151.1x80.5x9.4mm, 180g
Those with small hands will likely find it a little more difficult to hold in one hand than the average smartphone. But don’t be afraid, Galaxy Note 2 has an improved S-Pen support, which is revamped with rubber tip and enhanced touch response.
Lumia 920: 130.3x70.8x10.7mm, 185g, available in a wide range of vivid color options.
Winner: Draw

Galaxy Note 2 features a massive 5.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display with 1280 x 720 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 267ppi., while On the other hand, Lumia 920 sports a 4.5 inch PureMotion HD+ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display with 1280 x 768 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 332ppi., better than the Galaxy Note 2.
Nokia’s ClearBlack tech boosts dark colours and contrasts on the phone while reducing glare in bright sunlight. Thanks to a fast refresh rate, Nokia’s PureMotion HD + delivers ‘better than HD’ picture quality.
Winner: Lumia 920

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Galaxy Note 2 is in variants of 16, 32 and 64 GB of storage space. All three versions of the phone come with a slot for a microSD card that supports external memory expansion.
The Lumia 920 ships with 32 GB of internal memory on board. However, it does not support microSD cards for memory expansion.
Winner: Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy Note 2 is equipped with a Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad chipset supported by 2GB of RAM. And Lumia 920 is equipped with dual core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, supported by 1GB RAM.
Winner: Galaxy Note 2
Lumia 920 vs Samsung galaxy Note 2 features

Operating System
Samsung galaxy Note 2 runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, from calling to gaming to entertainment, multi-taking on the S Pen enabled device is a breeze. Nokia Lumia 920, runs on Windows phone 8, is not quite as advanced as Jelly Bean, but owns some pretty impressive specs including revamped tiles and social networking functionality. Though now Number of Windows Phone 8 apps is still lacking, but only time will tell how well Windows Phone 8 does in the market.
Winner: Draw

Galaxy Note 2 has an 8MP rear camera equipped with features like autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection and image stabilization and a 1.9MP front camera for video calling.
In comparison, Lumia 920 has a better 8.7MP rear camera with dual LED flash, autofocus and its camera boasts of the sophisticated PureView technology the company is best known for. PureView technology with Carl Zeiss lens, the phone can captures blur-free videos even if the camera's shaking or in low light. Thanks to its Optical Image Stabilisation.

The AT&T Lumia 920′s price tag is one of its most appealing features. AT&T will be charging $99 on-contract for the Lumia 920. That’s an aggressive price especially for a smartphone of this caliber.

In addition, the carrier will only be charging a mere $449 for the device off-contract, far less than the steep $600+ off-contract prices of the Galaxy Note 2. AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular and Verizon are all charging $299.99 on-contract for the Galaxy Note 2.

Of course, both of them will have a lower price during the holiday season. Amazon is now offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at a bargain price $250 along with a 2 year contract with AT&T, while at the same time Nokia Lumia 920 Price Cut to $49.99 from $99.99 for Black Friday 2012 Weekend in AT&T.

When it comes to Galaxy Note 2, as it is based on the design of S3, it has some exclusive S software features including S Voice, Direct Call, Smart Stay, S Beam, Pop-Up Play and many more. It appears that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a better smartphone to buy.

But that is not to say that the Lumia 920 is not something worth buying. At the same time, Lumia 920 being an innovative smartphone has groundbreaking features such as wireless charging, glove-friendly touchscreen display and more.

If you are too concerned about the size of the device, love to use smartphone as a high-end camera and prefer Microsoft’s functionality, Nokia Lumia 920 is the obvious choice. Don’t forget, its build quality is premium too, and that’s not something we can say for Samsung.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Beyond Instagram, 5 Best Camera apps for android should download on Christmas day

Once mentioned about camera application for android, we think of the nifty photo app Instagram. The app’s release on the Android platform created a flurry of hype that’s rarely seen for any mobile app, much less for any Android app. I have tested it on my HTC One X, I can see why the app is popular, which offer you a totally free, fun, and simple way to make and share gorgeous photos to your friends.
However, with all the focus lately on Instragram, and its retro photography, I would like to share you some other noteworthy applications on Android. Try to Use these most popular camera apps to improve your life by take photos and edit them, especially for those who want to keep a good memory on Christmas day.

1. Camera360 Ultimate
Camera360 is a worldwide popular camera and photo editor app, produced by PC World. This app can work full screen on phone with high resolution with numerous scenes providing for you. With this app, you can also edit the photo through editing tools such as brightness and white balance, while also having cartoonish and whimsical effects. Plus it is easy to share your photos to many main social platforms.
Christmas Version: X'mas Pack for Camera360

2. Camera ZOOM FX
Camera zoom FX is a very useful application which can be used to add extra zoom features to the digital camera included with your android mobile phone. This app can help you up to 10 shots per second + instant effects.
Here are some of the highlights Features:
  • Live previews of some effects, e.g. frames, buddies
  • Silent camera (if device supports)
  • Tweak hardware options: autofocus, whitebalance, nightshot...
  • Settings for iso, focus metering, brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness (based on device)
  • 1-click upload photo to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.
  • XHDPI support
3.  Pudding Camera
Pudding Camera is another app that you can use to customize your photos with. With its effects, it can make your photos look as if they have been taken with an analog film camera. Best of all, it is free.
Pudding Camera
4. FxCamera
FXCamera is a very useful application which can be used to create some beautiful and unique looking photographs. This allows you to create an artistic photograph by applying various art filters. This is great for anyone who is used to using the filters included with Olympus cameras.
There are many different filters, effects and settings which can be adjusted to change the way your photos look. With some fiddling you will be able to get some great results.

5. Photo Grid HD
The app is the best collage creator on Android, which can make your photos collection into amazing collages. Adding photos is easy, and with a bit of clever cropping and placement, you can make fun mementos of trips and events. Even if you’re a photography amateur, you can add a bit of class and artiness to your photos with this fun app.
Photo Grid HD
I thought you might be interested in the latest Instagram stats:

•  Instagram gains one new user every second
•  Each day on Facebook 300 million photos are uploaded
•  One billion photos have been taken with the app
•  There are roughly 58 photos uploaded each second

You can download the latest Instagram App from here.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

3 Best Free Ways to download YouTube videos to Windows 8 Phone

Today lots of people prefer to enjoy videos from YouTube on their smartphones or tablets, which most of them use the Android or iOS operating system. But I believe something will change in the future as Microsoft release its Windows phone 8 systems. Nowadays, Windows Phone 8 smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920, 820, HTC 8X and 8S are now gradually available all around the world.We should admit Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is actually doing reasonably well during its first few days on the market.

To some new windows phone 8 users, there may be a little difficult for you to watch YouTube videos or download the videos on your windows phone 8 devices. So here I have discovered 3 free ways for you to download the YouTube videos on your windows phone.

1. Getting help from computer program could make things more easier 

If you use Firefox or Chrome browser, I recommend Easy Youtube Video Downloader for you, which providing the easiest method to download YouTube videos in FLV, MP3, 3GP, MP4, 720p and 1080p FULL-HD video qualities..

If you do not use Firefox, it’s OK. You can use this free YouTube downloader. With this free YouTube Downloader, you can download YouTube video as different video and audio format for various Android devices or iPhone or iPad, so does the Windows phone.

Advice: Check out what video formats your windows 8 phone support. As I know, most of smartphone support video formats of 3GP/MP4/WMV, so if you want to enjoy HD video, like MKV video, firstly you should download a video player to help you.

2. YouTube Download Websites

If you don’t want to download a program, just want to download the videos online, then you can just go to:


3. Use the windows phone app to help you

I have collected three apps in Windows Phone store for you.

Top1: YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader, developed by AnKo Softwares, allows you to view and download any YouTube video over 3G, 4G or WiFi in HD quality, which is now available in the Windows Phone store.

Top2: Metrotube

Metrotube, beautifully designed, is the be-all, end-all for your mobile YouTube experience for many Windows Phone users. With a slick design and excellent performance there’s little wonder.

Top3: YouTube by Microsoft Corporation

Published by Microsoft Corporation, with this app, you can
play YouTube videos by tapping video links in your email and MMS messages, websites, and apps like Facebook. Tap the YouTube app icon to open YouTube in the browser, where you can sign in and browse millions of videos, including favorites and playlists. This app integrates with the Music & Videos hub so you can get to your most-recently played videos and launch YouTube from the hub.

Just pick one method you like most to download your favorite youtube video to enjoy on your windows 8 phone.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 5 free Movie Apps for Android Tablets in 2012

Smartphones and tablets runs on Android now are full of world, for extremely light and portable. If you are a movie lover and recently you have purchased a tablet, I suppose you will be pleased to find that there are plentiful apps available to suit your cinematic needs. But how to find the favorite movie app that suit for you is a problem. Don’t worry. Luckily, I have gathered five of the best movie apps for you, just pick one you love most. If you want true Blu-Ray movies or 1080 HD video quality on your pc, pick the 5 Best Blu-ray Player Software for PC

Top 1: Movies by Flixster (Average rating  4.7)
If you want to learn about what movies are playing, the app is right for you, which allows you to look up movie reviews, trailers, and showtimes. You can also use this app to Look up showtimes at your favorite theater and buy tickets (from participating theaters) and even Get critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, Create your own "Want to See" list, rate & review movies.

Top 2: IMDb Movies & TV (Average rating 4.4)
IMDb Movies & TV
IMDb, short for Internet Movie Database, always offers the leading app for Android tablets, have the world's largest movie, TV and celebrity information. With this app, you can find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photo galleries, get US TV listings, find latest DVD and Blu-ray releases, explore popular charts, share movie information, and more. And it is totally free.

Top 3: Netflix ( Average rating 4.1)
Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies. Once you are a member of their subscription service, this app gives you access to an unlimited amount of films and TV programmes to stream on your tablet,Only $7.99 a month. This app allows you to start watching on one device, and resume watching on another, That is to say you might start watching a film on a tablet on work and can finish it on their laptop once you get home. Now One-month free trial is provided, you can have a try.

Top 4: Fandango Movies ( Average rating 4.5 )
Fandango Movies
Want to find movie & theater listings, watch trailers, view fan ratings & buy tix fast, the app is the best for you! Fandango, the nation’s leading movie ticketing service and one of the Web’s top moviegoer sites is available as a free app for your Android! This app makes the moviegoing experience better than ever!

Top 5: Crackle (Average rating 3.6)
Crackle - Movies & TV
This app is unlike Hulu Plus, you don’t need to sign up and pay a fee to watch. You can watch  a wide array of free Hollywood films and TV programmes on your tablet. Stream HQ video via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi are supported .

So here is our top five movie apps for Android tablets.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1080p HTC Droid DNA announced, time to watch 1080p videos on smartphone smoothly

Version and HTC have finally taken the wraps off the HTC Droid DNA, a new high-end smartphone from HTC that will sports a 1080p display, higher than any smartphone on the market, aims to do battle with the iPhone 5 , Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, and other super phones. Verizon Wireless said on Tuesday that it plans to sell HTC Corp's latest smartphone, the Droid DNA, as its flagship phone for the holiday season while Verizon also sells Samsung and Apple phones at the same time, according to Reuters.

HTC Droid DNA features a 5-inch Super LCD3 display with a resolution of 1920x1080 (or 1080p), giving it an incredible 440 pixels per inch — far better than any of the other smartphones on the market and even better than Nokia Lumia 920’s 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ display, which have a 1280x768 pixel resolution. Naturally it's covered in Gorilla Glass as well, You don't have to worry about that big screen getting scratched or cracked.

Other Specs: 

Processor and Memory:  Quad-core 1.5-gigahertz processor, 2GB of RAM; 16GB, Not feature a microSD card slot for external storage

Camera:  Rear cameras: 8 megapixels with a fast F/2.0 lens and modern backside-illuminated sensor ,2.1MP front-facing camera

Connectivity: Verizon's 4G LTE network, the DNA will support Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi a, b, g, n and n 5 GHz, as well as DLNA, NFC and MHL.

Software:  Runs Android 4.1 with HTC's Sense 4+ extensions, Beats Audio

Then Let's review the companies which have actual already announced 1080p phones. The HTC J Butterfly respectively for Japan and the lesser known Oppo Find 5 respectively for china are both 5-inch smartphone with 1080p screens. Then there’s Sharp’s Aquos SH930W with the same screen, which will be out in Russia very soon. HTC Droid DNA is the first smartphone to boast a 1080p screen to be launched in the USA. It is obviously that the war of 1080p smartphones is heat up.

However, for those who love watch videos on protable device, the fact is that we put 1080p videos to smartphone only to find it plays in slow motion and with much noise. Now let’s come back to the HTC Droid DNA, for its large screen and higher screen pixel density, it means that HTC Droid DNA would be better for you to watch 1080P HD Movies than any other smartphone. That is to say, you can enjoy 1080p videos on the phone while most of high-end smartphones on the market now support for 720p video playback.

So if you are a YouTube lover, now all of you can download HD Movies from the website, like The Hunger Games or James Bond Skyfall Official Trailer to play in smoothly motion on the smartphone. It is simple to do that, all you need is a HD Free Powerful YouTube Downloader or download and save YouTube videos directly from Or if you like to watch YouTube videos online, you can download the official YouTube app from Google’s App Store.

The HTC Droid DNA will be available exclusively from Verizon Wireless, who is taking pre-orders starting today, and customers will be able to pick up the new Droid DNA on November 21 for $199 with a two-year contract.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Simple Ways to improve your Windows Phone 8 Battery Life

Obviously, most of people nowadays own either an android or an iOS smartphone in their pockets. Today, Windows Phone 8, the latest and greatest mobile operating system from Microsoft joins in the war. Now several different Windows Phone 8 models like Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, HTC Windows phone 8X gradually go on sale in store.
For most of us, we use the phone to watch videos, play funny games, and chat with friends, definitely powerful and useful for us. But all of them fail in giving a long battery life, which let us feel down.

So here I collected some information on how to extend the battery life of your Windows Phone 8 as a result now there are so many information about how to improve your iPhone or android device battery life in life.

What should you do when Power Down
When your battery is running low, Windows Phone 8 has a special trick to help prevent total power loss. Just go to Settings and turn on the Battery Saver option. Doing so tells the OS not to run any apps in the background or sync email automatically. You’ll still be able to make and receive calls and texts, but everything else will require manual syncing (opening up the app and choosing to sync). You can choose for Battery Saver mode to kick in only when your battery is actually low, or keep it on at all times. A little heart over the battery icon tells you when the phone is in Battery Saver mode.

Close Wi-Fi,Bluetooth and GPS/Location: All of them will drain your battery very quickly, soTurn them off if you're not using the phone.

Dim screen brightness:  The brighter your screen, the faster you’ll eat up battery life. So dim your screen if you want make your battery last longer.

Turn off push email:  If you have an email account on your device, think about whether you need emails pushed to it, or if you could change the settings to look for emails when you open the account.

Windows Mobile - Settings in emails account > Synchronisation settings > Download new content

Set your phone in Airplane mode:  If you don't want to completely shut off your phone, switch to airplane mode to shut off all of the radios, and switch back out of airplane mode only when you need to make a call or send a text message.

Close unnecessary apps:  A lot of applications continue to run in the background or get their own push notifications. Close these applications to ensure that your phone isn't still pinging the network without your knowledge.

Charge backups:  Carry a fully charged spare battery and also buy a portable phone charger around 10,000mah and it will charge your phone in no time.

Use Battery Level for WP8 Apps to help you

Developed by Alex Golesh, it is such a simple app which provides "missing feature" of Windows Phone 8 - the battery level percentage on the main screen and the lock screen. You can just pin the app to see Live Tile with battery status and remaining charge percentage on Windows Phone 8 main screen and lock screen.
The app is completely free.
Once there have more battery Saver Apps update in Windows phone 8 app store,I will offer to you in time.

Other Tips

You should turn off the screen display immediately when finished with tasks, just hit the power button quickly to turn off the display for battery saving.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shopping Tips for Smartphone, Tablets on Black Friday 2012

You may just want a new iPhone, iPad, or maybe the best-selling Samsung galaxy S3 and other android device, or Windows Phone 8 smartphones entering this year, but the price is somehow relative higher than you can afford. Don’t worry, as the holiday shopping season is almost around the corner. Due to a series of stores kick off some of its hottest "Black Friday" deals on that day, so it is the best time of the year for shopping. There are substantial discounts offered.

Until today, the Black Friday deals ads of Amazon, Best Buy and Wal-Mart have leaked online in the days. And For the first time, Disney Stores, Sears and Kohl's are among the stores offering at least some of the same Black Friday deals to customers a few days before Black Friday.

It seems difficult to catch up all of that information to get a best Black Friday Deals. A smart and measured approach to buying will preserve your holiday budget.
Here's how to do Black Friday the smart way:

1. Research the deals and compare the prices 

Thanksgiving is just two weeks away, now you should start mapping out a strategy now. Make sure which smartphone or tablets you want and how much you want to spend. Check out to help you, which uses data to help you whether you should buy the product or not.

Lists of websites already have posted stores' Black Friday deals. Check out sites like and the that list hours and circulars for the holiday weekend.

2. Use social media: like Facebook and Twitter

Follow your favorite stores' Twitter feeds and click the "Like" button on their Facebook pages. Stores will use their social networks to update shoppers on deals and store hours, says Carey Rossi, editor-in-chief of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., for example, unveiled its Black Friday deals on, its Facebook wall and mobile app on Thursday. Those who sign up to get email, download the app or "Like" its Facebook page will be among the first to get early access to special Black Friday store items to buy online and via the mobile app.

Meanwhile, Kohl's Facebook fans will receive exclusive savings during the holidays through Friday flash sales.

3. Spread out the shopping: 

Consumers will Start Holiday Shopping Earlier this year.

Wal-Mart will start its first Black Friday sale at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, two hours earlier than last year. It then will have two more rounds of sales events, including a 10 p.m. sale on electronics and another sale at 5 a.m.

Wal-Mart is also guaranteeing shoppers that it will have three of the most popular items if they are in line inside the store between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. The three include Apple’s iPad 2: an Apple iPad 2 for with Wi-Fi plus a $75 Wal-Mart gift card for $399.

Macy's, Kohl's Co. and Best Buy Co. will open again at midnight following Thanksgiving. Sears Holdings Corp. said its Sears stores will open at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving and will stay open overnight until 10 p.m. Friday. For the first time, Sears will allow members of its free loyalty club called Shop Your Way to buy some of the early-bird specials online as early as Sunday, Nov. 18.

4. Use your smartphone and tablets 

For the first time, Macy's, through a partnership with eBay, has a Black Friday app that will let customers browse and shop for specials specific to the local store. Starting Nov. 15, customers will be able to view Black Friday specials on their mobile devices and create personal shopping lists they can edit and share.
Starting Nov. 19, Wal-Mart will again have a Black Friday local store map available to view and print on and its local Wal-Mart Facebook pages. But this year, customers can view an interactive local store map on the Wal-Mart mobile app and click on items to see the price, product description and location in the store.

Here is Walmart Black Friday full ad leaked: Galaxy S3, unreleased Samsung Stratosphere 2 and other Android handsets spotted:

Android Smartphones

$100 Walmart Gift Card for every Android smartphone purchase (with new two-year contract, therefore it’s available with the purchase of any of the following on-contract handsets) – offer valid from from November 23 through December 1
$129 Samsung Galaxy S3 – with new two-year contract
TBD Motorola Droid RAZR M – with new Verizon two-year contract
$49.88 HTC One X – with AT&T new two-year contract
$79.88 Samsung Galaxy S2 – with new T-Mobile two-year contract
$49.88 Samsung Stratosphere 2 – with new Verizon two-year contract
$0.97 Samsung Captivate Glide – with AT&T new two-year contract
$89.88 Motorola Photon Q – with new T-Mobile two-year contract
$39.88 LG Optimus Logic prepaid smartphone – $50 in savings
$39.88 Kyocera Hydro prepaid smartphone – $60 in savings
$45 unlimited Straight Talk plan
$55 unlimited Boost Mobile plan
$80 Verizon prepaid refill card: 2GB traffic, unlimited talk and text
$19.98 Virgin Mobile prepaid refill card: 1GB of traffic

Android Tablets

$129 8GB Nabi 2 – $70 in savings
$99 8GB Barnes & Noble Nook Color Tablet – $60 in savings
$49 7-inch Ematic Tablet


$12 Plantronics Bluetooth Headset
$39 Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset – $40 in savings
$14.96 cell phone charger
$39.88 Virgin Mobile 3G/4G Hotspot – $80 in savings
$19.88 iFrogz Boost speaker – $20 in savings
$14.99 Sony Earbuds with Mic – $14 in savings
$179.95 Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Headphones – $20 in savings
$10-30 off all Beats headphones

Will you be purchasing a new smartphone or cellphone for the upcoming holiday season? Do you have any other good shopping tips for Smartphone and tablets? Leave your comments.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best 5 Christmas Live Wallpaper Apps for the Android in 2012

Wow…there are only 47 days left before Christmas 2012 arrives, not far away from us. With the upcoming Christmas, Intensely festive atmosphere get closer and closer to us. And Android activations have seen a boost soar on Christmas Eve, according the news from Mashable. Ok, here I will introduce a series of Christmas live wallpaper apps for your Android phone to help you enjoy more during the holiday season, in addition to popular customs like exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, sharing meals with family and friends and, of course, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.

Top 5: Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

With this App, you can enjoy watching live effects of gently falling snowflakes or play the sound of holiday music. Decorate and light up the Christmas Tree, make up the fire in the house, scroll the winter scene or tilt your phone to see amazing accelerometer effects are all allowed.

Top 4: Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper
Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper
Snowfall is a beautiful live wallpaper featuring gentle snowflakes falling overtop swaying pine trees. Not a movie, with full support for landscape mode and home screen switching!

Top 3: Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper
Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper
Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper is the most downloaded holidays Live Wallpaper on the Google Market, and is the only fully customizable Android Free Live Wallpaper, that does not require you to buy a paid version to enable settings.

Top 2:  3D Christmas Live Wallpaper
3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr
This App Features a sparkling Christmas Tree of Light, plus an exciting Countdown to Christmas and the New Year. Both scenes in the free version can be enjoyed as a live wallpaper background, or as a fully interactive foreground app where you can look around freely, and quickly customize your settings.

Top 1: Christmas HD
This app can celebrate the wonders of Christmas - in true 3-D! Customize every part of the scene, including your own photograph on the fireplace, your text on the stockings and the message for Santa. Choose the color of lights; customize the ornaments, gifts and ribbons, snowflakes, garland, tree topper, and more!
This wallpaper is true 3-D with hand-crafted artwork. Feature silky-smooth animations while conserving your battery life.

A small tip for beginners:

Download and Install the live wallpapers from the download links given below each wallpaper.
To set a live wallpaper — Go to Home –> Menu –> Wallpaper –> Live wallpapers

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Top 6 Video Player Apps for Android Mobile Device in 2012

With the Android OS growing sharply in the market, more and more people intend to watch videos on the smartphones in a simple way, but not all Android mobile are created equal when it comes to video playback, some support Divx/Xvid/MKV video files out of the box, while others don't.

To help those who have a problem to choose the Best Video Player for android device, here I have a collected a list of top mobile video player apps for android, so you can just enjoy the time of watching your videos at anytime, anywhere.

Top 6: VLC for Android Beta
VLC media player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols.

VLC developed the Android version for the users to in order to become one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated multimedia player. It is released in the VideoLAN on July 2nd and can be downloaded from Google Play. Now this is a BETA version of the port of VLC media player to the Android™ platform. It is intended for power users and hackers. This version is not perfectly stable and is slower than the final version, but the developers announced that it will be compatible with more smartphones and tablets in the near future.

Top 5: mVideoPlayer
With a lot of useful and handy features and a nice and clean interface it greatly improves on Android's built-in video player, mVideoPlayer may be is the best video player replacement application available for Android right now. The app features support for subtitles, search, and responsive, intuitive user controls. Also there are a lot of options for you to tweak to make the app fit your needs perfectly.

Top 4: QQPlayer
Mobile QQ player for android is a video player application that supports all the popular formats of videos on the market, including AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV and etc. In addition, QQ Player also supports SRT, SMI plug-in subtitle and MKV embedded subtitle, as well as multiple audio tracks switching. Its smart core technology auto detects video formats and makes it much easier for you to enjoy smoother, better quality videos with limited resources and smaller screen.

Top 3: MoboPlayer
Mobo Video Player is the video player supports all the most popular video formats without any conversion. With this app, you can enjoy smoother, better quality videos due to its smart core technology and better user experience and user interface are provided. With the unique "Hide Video" feature, you can hide the videos from the video file list and keep your videos private.

Top 2: RealPlayer
RealPlayer is an all-in-one multimedia app that not only works for videos but also for music and photos. The popular media player for music, video and photos provides features allowing you to customize your music listening experience. Supported in 9 languages, popular features include an intuitive user interface, widgets, equalizer, lastFM scrobbling, metadata editing, optimized graphics for high-res devices and more, so you can listen to music your way.

Top 1:  MX Video Player
MX Video Player is another great alternative to the stock video player for Android. In fact, it’s probably the most advanced video player available right now, which support for almost every video file format known to date along with multiple subtitle files such as mkv subtitle track, .srt, .sub, .ass, .mpl, .psb etc. . This app is said to be the first Android video player app that performs multi-core decoding. It shows up to 70% performance improvement than single-core devices, according to the test results on dual-core devices. MX Player is an example of high-quality app development.

Just pick one from them and enjoy any video formats with your Android mobile phone.
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